How to cook Salmon in the Oven That Everyone Will Like

OR an easy and foolproof way to cook all kinds of fish in the oven at home quickly….

We like to eat fish. In fact we like all kinds of fish but one of our favorite type of fish is salmon. We really love that deep red salmon (wild) that you sometimes see in the stores. Luckily Trader Joe’s sells this wild salmon and even in smaller packages that are better for two.

We have even purchased a rather large piece of salmon, cooked the whole piece and then had some nice salmon leftovers to have the next day on a salad. (I was planning to make a salmon salad sandwich with mayo and celery but truthfully just got a little lazy and placed the salmon on some salad greens. I am glad now, as the salmon was just fantastic! and tasty! I so love it when you can cook at home and say this was way better than going out)

OK so the big question is: how to cook the salmon, right??

It really is very quick and easy.

Roasted Salmon in the Oven

Heat your oven to 425 degrees

1. Prepare your baking dish by covering it in foil and either spraying with no-stick spray or a little oil. (yes I mean a little- spread it out with your fingers so there is only a thin film of olive oil on the foil in the pan).

2. Prepare your fish by thawing if frozen, then rinse and dry with paper towel. Place your fish (skin side down) on the oiled foil in the pan.

3. Lightly coat the fish with olive oil (again, thin) and season with salt and pepper, season salt or whatever you like to use. We like to use either a season salt or a salt-free seasoning like Trader Joe’s Seasoning Salute.

4. Place in the pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes for each inch of fish. This means if your fish is an inch think, you would want to check after 10 minutes to see if it is done. If you have a very thick piece of fish, say sea bass, you might want to go for 15 minutes.

5. Check you fish to make sure that it is fully cooked by cutting into the thickest part with your knife and seeing if the fish is “clear”(uncooked) in the middle or if the color is the same all the way through (fully cooked).

After   you have made your fish this way a couple of times you will find that you get used to the high heat and quick heating time. You will get a feel for how long you will need to cook your fish- and then you can start to experiment with marinades or sauces to top the fish.

Let us know how this works for you. Enjoy!

Food Revolution Heads to High School

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Hey did you catch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Friday night?

We did, and thought the show brought up many interesting and also sad points about the state of the way we eat in the United States.

When the show starts, Jamie is 2 or so weeks into some big changes at the local elementary school. In order to serve Jamie’s made-from-scratch menu, more people are needed in the kitchen to prep and cook all the items before the official lunch time. Of course there is also a bit of drama with the staff in the kitchen as they are becoming concerned about how they will be able to keep up with all the prep work in the future.

What we did notice when the cameras went out into the dining room were a number of students eating their veggies. WOW. This goal almost appeared unreachable in the first two shows, yet here they were eating a variety of items on their plates. There is even a close up of a student munching on a piece of broccoli.

So what does this tell us? Will we all eat better and healthier if we just place good fresh foods in our path? It started to make us think about the many choices that we make every day and how like Jamie says, a few little changes can really start something BIG.

The second point that made an impression on us that night was some of the “food ironies” that came up and was being enforced at the schools (via the USDA requirements).

Jamie has made an entree at the high school of veggie lo mien and teriyaki chicken. Now this lunch –all freshly made from fresh ingredients mind you did not pass the eagle eye of the district food rep who said that there was not enough veggie on that “meal”. OK fair enough you say, but in the same shot we are watching students take a fried, breaded chicken patty on a bun and a handful of French fries as a meal with not a veggie in the basket.

Now Jamie nicely points out this discrepancy to the district food rep, who replies something about the students can choose a salad to eat with this meal.

Oh really….

How many students do you think ran over to the salad bar to create a salad? Yes, you guessed it, not one.

What we could not get is why students could not just add that salad to Jamie’s entrée that day if this system worked so well…

Also we secretly wondered when the last time a student ever did eat a salad from that salad bar? I would have thought if ONE student had chosen a salad with all those TV cameras in the area there would have been many a close up of this amazing event.

The highlight of the night occurred when Jamie organized a group of high school students to help him spread the word about better eating at the high school (and life in general) and has the students help him cook for a 80 person fundraiser to help support better school food.

The students had only cooked with Jamie one time prior to the creation of this meal. Jamie had created a nice menu and ordered all the ingredients, but the prep work, cooking and serving of the meal was Jamie and his group of high school students.

Well, to alleviate any anxiety that you might be having at the thought of this arrangement the outcome: just Fantastic!!

They, the students, did an excellent job of executing all stages of this meal. Naturally there were a few challenges, such as burning some toast etc… but hey that could occur in anyone’s kitchen right? (It happens around here too). They best part was at the end of the meal when Jamie allows each one to say a few words to the audience of potential donors to urge them to give to the cause.

We are just enjoying this show so much! We especially love the fact that Jamie Oliver feels so passionately about his Food Revolution. He is so committed to making some BIG changes in the school lunch programs, and ultimately everyone’s kitchen.

Have you joined the Food Revolution yet? You can find out more information and sign the petition at:

Have you joined yet??

Oprah Inaugurates a Food Revolution in America!

We made it a point to watch Oprah today (Friday). Why? Oprah interviewed Jamie Oliver and discussed his latest venture/obsession/mission: The Food Revolution!  (Cook more meals at home, buy fresh food, eat together as a family, get healthy as a result.

Jamie is so focused on this new venture that he has a new TV  show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This  is  6, 1-hour shows filmed in Huntington, West Virginia (Airing on ABC Fridays).

Why this town? According to Jamie and the CDC (Center for Disease Control), this town is the most un-healthiest spot in the United States. From what we can piece together, Jamie arrives in the town to challenge them into breaking away from their usual meals and try to eat healthier. Many of the previews we watched this afternoon, focused on Jamie’s work at a school in the city (talking to the kids, working with the staff etc…)   Naturally, Jamie’s show contains some drama as the local DJ tries to “run him out of town” and is initially resistance to this British guy showing up to tell the locals what to do.

The show will debut tonight (Friday March 26, 2010) in the United States on your local ABC station. Here in Tucson, it will air from 7-9pm. Thank goodness we checked again, as we originally thought it would be on at 9pm tonight- eeks! THAT would have been disappointing!!

There were quite a few clips to view on Oprah, but there were two parts that really stood out for us.

1. Golden Brown Food

Oprah aired a clip of a home visit that Jamie makes to a family, and piles up a weeks worth of food on their kitchen table. The food mound is composed of pizza, French fries, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, burgers, nachos, you get the idea- everything was brown, bready and high in fat!

The comment is made that all the food that this family is eating is “golden brown” from the fryer! Eeks!  Most of it is breaded or fried, looked greasy and seemed soggy by the end of the shots.

It was sorta shocking to see that much “golden brown” food at one time. Yuck!

Truthfully we are sure that we have eaten such a meal in the past, but every day for a week? Wow that mound of food looked impressive, but in a negative way.

2. The Coffin for the obese

In another part, Jamie brings the radio DJ along to a local funeral home, and then we all get a view of what the “end of life options” are for the obese. This we will admit was shocking to us.

The coffin was as large as a full or queen sized bed!

The Morticians noted that a coffin of this size required many “un-dignified” adjustments in order to be moved and buried. These included tipping it up on it’s side (to get through a door), transportation in a pickup truck and/or by fork lift, and the injustice of having to pay for two plots at the cemetery. These huge coffins are also super heavy (reinforced steel side beams etc…) as they have to hold up with contents that weigh between 600-700 pounds.

The most shocking news of all? These huge coffin sales are on the rise in the United States. We sat shocked and silent at this news as the show went to a commercial break.

Wow, maybe Americans do need a Food Revolution after all??

Jamie and Oprah were able to lighten up the mood of the audience when the show returned by cooking.

As most of the clips and shots of the show focused on kids eating chicken nuggets, what does Jamie make? Breaded chicken strips, of course.

Only his chicken “nuggets” were homemade, cheaper and quicker than the kind in the box that everyone is used to. Jamie comments that his homemade chicken nuggets will cook up in the pan in 6 minutes and that those frozen nuggets take 12-15 minutes to cook up. Also his nuggets are cheaper and you know and can identify all the ingredients in them.

To round out the meal, He serves mashed potatoes and some steamed greens.

We are looking forward to watching the 2 hour special tonight to learn more about  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and how it changed this small town.


  • Oprah’s website CLICK HERE
  • Oprah’s recipes from the show CLICK HERE
  • Jamie Oliver’s website to join Food Revolution  CLICK HERE (Goal is 6 million supporters!)

What do you think about the food revolution? What questions or help do you need to start a revolution in your home today??

We Shopped at Trader Joe’s Today!

Trader Joe's Purchases

Trader Joe's Purchases

Today was a great day at Trader Joe’s!

We got some of our usual items and also some “new to us” items as well.

First the usual items:

Today we purchased bread (Ezekiel w/ sesame seeds), eggs, milk and some frozen veggies that we love. We also got some nuts (Trader Joe’s Ballpark Peanuts and toasted Pecans) and salad items as well. For our salads we like to mix up Trader Joe’s baby spinach with some other kind of lettuce and this week it was arugula salad- this is also called Rocket in some places and has a nice “peppery” or “spicy” flavor.

To go with the spinach and arugula, we bought little tiny cherry tomatoes, sweet Hawaiian onions, pre-sliced mushrooms (so convenient- thanks Trader Joe’s!) and some organic baby zucchini. All in all, the starting point for some great salads! With these items as our “salad base” we then add some extra items to give our salads some “jazz”. Sometimes we use leftovers from dinner (cold cooked vegetables or potatoes), but this week we actually bought some fun new items for our salads: Trader Joe’s Giant White Beans and Trader Joe’s Feta Cheese.

TIP: If you are standing in the produce section at Trader Joe’s and are having trouble deciding which of the ingredients will make the best salads, check out Chef Jamie Oliver’s new book and movement Jamie’s Food Revolution. One of the sections in the book is devoted to salads (Lovin’ Salads, p. 101).  In this section Jamie discusses making home-made salad dressing, and also the “Pick and Mix” style salad. This was just a wonderful concept and we both thought it was a great way to think about salads. He notes that great salads have an assortment of colors and textures and he lays out a variety of salad ingredients in a grid to help readers choose and create fantastic salads. (More good news: Trader Joe’s carries many of the items that are mentioned in this great cookbook)

OK back to the other food items we purchased:

  • A Ruby Red Papaya,
  • Trader Joe’ Way More Chocolate Chip Cookies (for gifts & sharing)
  • Trader Joe’s Roasted Poblano Peppers
  • Trader Joe’s Bunny Gummy Tummies

We are excited about trying these items, and will post a review about each one soon.

In addition to all the great food that we purchased, we also found a lovely plant. Our Trader Joe’s in Tucson always has wonderful flowers and plants on display inside and outside the store and today we could not resist! We even had a few complements and questions from other shoppers who noticed our plant while we were shopping. (OK truthfully, we had stopped to nibble on the daily samples of Orange Cranberry Tea Loaf and sip the coffee- Trader Joe’s Dark- BOTH were yummy!!)

What did you purchase at Trader Joe’s today??