Trader Joe’s Cheese Pizza Dip

This was the sample last week at our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City.


I wanted to share it with you because even thought it is a bit different, I found myself thinking about it a few times. This is basically a warm dip that you can serve in the crock pot with little bread sticks- or at least that is what they did at Trader Joe’s.

It tastes just like a slice of cheese pizza!



I was brainstorming how I might use this (it makes a LOT of dip) are a few ideas like a fun addition to a super bowl party as a hot dip (love those on these cold days) but I found myself thinking … what else could we do with this tasty dip ….hmmmm

So here is a short list of ideas that I thought up:

  • Pour over steamed veggies
  • Pour over hot baked potatoes
  • Use as a pizza sauce on any kind of flat bread (a tortilla, english muffin, Nan etc..)
  • Use as a hot dip for cold veggies (carrots & celery)

I am sure that there are plenty more fabulous  ideas out there- Please share yours in  the comments section at the bottom of the page.

So without further ado…here is the recipe:

Trader Joe’s Cheese Pizza Dip

2 wedges of Trader Joe’s Fontina Cheese (shredded up)

1 Pint Half & Half

1 jar of Trader Joe’s Fat Free Pizza Sauce

1 Tub (8oz) Fresh shaved Parmesan /Asiago/ Romano cheese blend

In a crock pot, combine over medium heat (or start with high and then switch to low after everything is melted) the Fontana cheese and Half & Half until blended.

Next, add the pizza sauce and the tub of the Fresh Shaved Parmesan cheese and stir together until it is all combined.

Reduce heat to LOW to serve.

Use Trader Joe’s Italian Bread sticks for dipping (that is what they used at the store) OR use what ever makes sense to you… get creative….

So YES I will be making this for my next party … I only hope I can last until the Superbowl!



Q and A Zone Round One

OK – Here we go– The Q and A Zone is here!!


I said that I wanted to try some new  ideas out on you for 2015 and mix it up a bit…

So today is The Q and A Zone!


What questions do you have about Kitchen Tools, Food or Cooking?


Enjoy, and leave your comments below

- I LOVE to read them! 






Happy New Year 2015

New Year- New Stuff!


Happy New Year Everyone!

First of all – I want to say a big THANK YOU for your friendship, questions and comments here on Living Trader Joe’s- It has been so much fun connecting with you here and talking about food.

Looking out to 2015, I am excited to tell you about some new and different directions that I am taking. I hope you will join me on the journey!


1. YouTube Foodie Fun

Really branching out of my comfort zone here peeps, but I am getting a lot of requests to “just make a video” showing how to make something or give tips etc. So I am trying my hand at creating foodie videos, recipe videos and of course, Trader Joe’s  product reviews too…

Here is a sample video:

I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for more videos as I venture down the YouTube Trail …


2. The Gourmet Club- Foodie Magazine

I have been kicking this idea around for a little while …  and 2015 is the year to make it happen!

I am starting a monthly Foodie Magazine with recipes & videos and YOU are invited!

Nothing too long, complicated, or overwhelming -Short And Sweet – just some fun new ideas, and recipes that you can add to your toolbox.

Some topics this magazine will include:

  • Cooking Tips
  • Crazy Easy Dinners
  • Easy Gourmet Tips
  • Pantry Oddballs
  • Clean Eating Recipes
  • More …

Are you ready to join me?

More information and how to sign up is  coming soon!


3. Q & A Zone

For my final new idea for 2015 …. I want to start a Q & A space For YOU!

What are the  Foodie / Cooking /Business / questions that you have for me?

Let’s kick it off this month! Join me here on Thursday and let’s get started! 


WOW — What a list! That seems like a LOT to start out 2015 with — but hey, why not? Let’s make 2015 our best!



Again, thank you for being part of my day, and my life.

I really appreciate the support  you have giving me over the years on this website ….

* * Watch out for more FUN and FOOD here * *


What do you think? Are you as excited as I am??

Please leave your comments below- Thank you!











Cookies Beyond The Pail at Trader Joe’s

Have you tried Cookies Beyond The Pail at  Trader Joe’s?

- A great post holiday treat.


Our shopping trip to Trader Joe’s today resulted in some interesting finds. On an end cap was a huge display of white pails with windmills on them- and the best news? The pail was full of cookies!


Now, not just any cookies … those rich butter-y cookies that just seem to melt in your mouth. These are the kind of treat that we love to enjoy with a cup of tea in the afternoon. the cookies are on the smallish size, so you can have 2-3 and get a taste for all the different flavors.


I must confess that I have not noticed these cookies at Trader Joe’s yet this season, but the cookies are in the Fearless Flyer Holiday Guide 2014 on page 17. (Opps! Just when I thought I knew all the treats in the Flyer….. hmmmmm).


According to the Flyer, these cookies are from a Danish Tradition and inspired by a city in California – home to a rich Danish tradition (actually the town, Slovang sounds like a very cook place for a visit, especially on Danish Days festivals)

Side Note- I stopped and Googled this town just to check that the good folks at Trader Joe’s were not pulling my leg with this story and this town looks so fun!

So the bottom line: I enjoy these kind of cookies – the kind you want to enjoy with your tea or coffee. It is all about getting ready for 2015 here, filing and the like, so these cookies are a nice welcome treat.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Cookies Beyond the pail yet?

What did you think?

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