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On Location The New Trader Joes in Washington DC

Recently we visited a Trader Joe’s in Washington DC!

Fun right?

I love to check out Trader Joe’s stores whenever we are traveling for two reasons:

  • They will have consistently good stuff that I love
  • They will have new stuff that I have not seen before

On a previous trip to Washington DC, we noticed a “Trader Joe’s coming soon” sign while we were riding a Circulator bus and thought “we are so going to check out this new shop” the next time we visited DC!

The closest metro stop is U Street – if you want to take the metro to visit this store. 

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This is the view of the front from 14th Street

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The cool look of the Arty Logo on one of the walls

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So I LOVE this check-out area.

Just perfect for the smaller carts – I wish we had smaller carts at our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City – so much easier to move around the store.

As you can see we are gathering up staples for our hotel stay- Crackers & Cheese, Popcorn & wine (and an apple or two).

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We had a wonderful sample of Pink Lemonade in the store- delish! This was nice & refreshing after our walk up to the store.

All in all we had a great time exploring this Trader Joe’s store.

Like I said earlier, it is nice to be able to go to a store in a new city that you know will have good stuff to make your hotel room just a bit more like home… OK not really but you get what I am trying to say.

Here is the map of the area with the new store:


Trader Joe’s

1914 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC
(202) 986-1591

Thanks Trader Joe’s for another great shopping experience!


Trader Joe’s Gingerbread House Kit

This year we finally tried the Trader Joe’s Gingerbread House Kit!

I have seen these kits for years and thought … FUN! but never got around to trying them out. There was always some reason or another holding me back- But not this year…. 2014 was the year.

What makes this story even more odd, is that it is our family tradition to make Gingerbread houses around Thanksgiving time- usually on Thanksgiving day while the Turkey is cooking.


We loved this house- because let’s face it- the roof is huge &  is the best part of the decorating! I love crafting the roof- planing out the tiles or design. I think that a great roof is the best part of the house!


This house was a flat kit that we had to “glue” together before we decorated- we usually do this the night before just to make sure that everything “holds” before we get busy adding all the candy. And YES .. we did make a few additions to the candy that came in the kit ….



We did like all the fun candy that came with the house, but must admit to adding a few other candy favs along the way. I mean what would the Holidays be without mini- marshmallows or peppermint rounds, and my personal fav those wonderful Hershey’s Kisses (the mint & white chocolate ones are the BEST! )

Here is our Video showing off the results

Have you ever make a Trader Joe’s Gingerbread house?

What did you think?

Share your thoughts below or on Social Media!

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Trader Joe’s Haul

Check out all the goodies that we got at

Trader Joe’s today!


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So I did not want to show you everything (Like the sliced mushrooms or HOW many of those awesome soups we got)  but instead just wanted to show off some of the more interesting items that we found today.

Bath Salt Trio- I love these kind of things … and this is such a cute set- and I get to try some new scents. I will let you know what I think.

The White Pine hand soap is wonderful- and it comes with lotion! Just what my dry hands need by the sink. We LOVE the scent too…

Ginger beer- Looks AWESOME- have not tried it yet.

Well Rested – Just the stuff for this time of year when you want a relaxing tea while you watch all the Holiday specials on TV.

Ohh the Joyfull Trek Mixx- had a sample in the store (Thanks!) and could not believe how yummy!

What are you buying at Trader Joe’s this Holiday Season?

Any new favorites?



How To Make Outrageously Delicious Fudge Ebook

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