Cuor Nocciola Cookies – Trader Giotto’s

Holiday Cookie Review – Cuor Nocciola Cookies

Have you tried the new

Cuor Nocciola Cookies / Trader Giotto’s at Trader Joes? 

We have noticed these tempting boxes near the check out of our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City on the last 2 or 3 trips.

Sooo …. we investigated to see what they were all about.

The package has all the right words on the cover:

“Italian Biscuits with Hazelnut cocoa filling, covered in milk chocolate, topped with cartelized hazelnuts”


The verdict? These are DELICIOUS cookies!


This is the box that tempted us …. watch out!


This is the surprise that was in the box. 9 individually wrapped cookies that reminded me of those wonderful amaretto cookies from long ago ….

cuornocciolacookiewrappedWhen you open up each package, the cookie is actually wrapped up again – for freshness sure, but I felt “what more packaging” as I was unwrapping …


Ahhh …. at last! Coffee meet your new BEST Friend!


So give them a try if you are looking for something different.

I was thinking that all the packaging was kinda a PAIN, but then got to thinking that it might come in handy if you were using these cookies for a holiday display – sprinkled on the buffet table or maybe used for a gift for a co-worker (secret santa style) with a card?

I am sure you will come up with something yummy!


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