Danish Kringle at Trader Joes

Have you tried the Danish Kringle

at Trader Joe’s?


What the Hey is a Kringle you ask? (Yep, I had to look it up too ….) A Kringle is a wonderful Scandinavian pastry that is related to a pretzel and can come in a savory (like a salty pretzel) or sweet variety.

photo 1 (7)

The ones at Trader Joe’s are the sweet kind. It is a round, flat ring of pastry that has a wonderful filling. I have tried Almond and this one  is … Pumpkin flavored!

The pastry is a wonderful rich and tender pastry, which surrounds the filling of the Danish Kringle. On the top – the pastry had a wonderful light icing that complemented the filing.

The package (and the lovely folks in our Trader Joe’s store) recommended that we gently warm up the Kringle before eating….

photo 2 (7)

All we can say is WOW!

Warm, soft and absolutely Yummy!

The package says that you can freeze this and if you thought it could make it in your house until the holidays, then I would say that It might make a wonderful, yet different Pumpkin offering at a Holiday Brunch maybe?

photo 3 (5)

I wanted to make sure that you knew about The Danish Kringle as the package is a bit on the plain side (kinda uninviting really) and the fact that you cannot see what is inside makes it very easy to overlook in the store. In fact the packaging reminds me of those big crackers that you used to see in a large paper package ….but this is SO much more ….


So give the Danish Kringle at Trader Joe’s a try this year … Leave a comment below & let us know what you thought about it!


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58 replies
  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    You are so right! I just happened to be on my usual Trader Joe’s mission of buying only one thing and ending up with a cart full of unusual goodies — one of them being an almond kringle. I first learned of this particular company on the Food Network, probably more than 10 years ago. I promised myself that someday I would order one but could never justify the cost of the online purchase.

    Thanks to TJ’s I was able to get my hands on one today at a fraction of the cost and it was worth the decade of waiting. I just finished my first sample moments ago, warm from the oven. Your review is correct. The package could be plainly deceptive if you don’t know what’s already inside. Fortunately for me, I recognized the package immediately and could not resist taking one home.

    It’s light, buttery, flaky, sweet layers of deliciousness. Folks don’t sleep on this treat. Get yours while you still can. At the TJ price, it’s an incredible bargain.

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    My husband and I were just talking about Trader Joes Kringle today, wondering if they were in stores yet. They are flaky, not overly sweet, but very flavorful.

  3. Beth B
    Beth B says:

    Is it in the fresh, refrigerated, or freezer section? I’ve never heard of it but am making a Trader Joe’s run in the morning. I’ve put it on my list. Sounds amazing!

  4. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Look for the Kringle in the fresh bakery section of your store. In our Trader Joe’s store (Kansas City) they are on a table near the bagels. I hope you find one- good luck!

  5. Natalie Gaudino
    Natalie Gaudino says:

    Tried the Danish Almond Kringle yesterday from Trader Joe’s. I was obsessed immediately. Just went back for more and they’re out. I called several other Trader Joe’s in the area and they’re all completely sold out. Please keep them longer than a week. Or order more. One week per year isn’t enough.

  6. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    We agree –These Kringle are sooo good 🙂 We stashed one in our freezer to enjoy with Brunch and I can’t wait.

  7. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I love Kringles, too. Alas, they’re not available at the Trader Joes in Virginia or Maryland. We’d love to have a chance to buy them – please include us next time around.

  8. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    I sure hope you get them next year- They are AWESOME! We enjoyed a few slices at brunch over the weekend- Yummo! Maybe you can ask at your local Trader Joe’s and request the Kringles for next year? Cheers! Kristin

  9. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Sharon, I think you may have just been late to the party in Maryland. I found my Kringle at the TJ’s in Rockville.

  10. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Check with your store and see if they will be ordering more? Our store moves the Kringle around – so just when I think they are out, it is just in a different place! Cheers, Kristin

  11. Kristina
    Kristina says:

    Alas, the run on kringles seems to be done here at our trader joes. I hear rumors that a pecan one might be showing up. One can always dream.

  12. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Yes, I think Kringle Season is over too … We are all Pie & Cookies at our Trader Joe’s 🙂 BUT I would love to get my hands on a pecan Kringle… If you get one, please let us know!! Thanks- Kristin

  13. Jane Anderson
    Jane Anderson says:

    I was born and raised in Racine, the Kringle capital. I live in Virginia. When I saw almond Kringle at T J’s, my husband grabbed me so I would not fall over , the shock was so great. I could not speak, but immediately grabbed three or four. Where heaven. Rumors of pecan Kringle have me salivating, although raspberry should Never be passed by. The pumpkin was loved by my daughter. I cannot see the appeal, after knowing for years what the real original flavors tasted like. Pumpkin is one of the many new creations.

  14. Carol
    Carol says:

    I saw the package and thought I would try it for Easter breakfast. So yummy! Very large and very fresh. It was cold when I picked it up in a very tall stack on Saturday morning, in the fresh pie and cake section. The price wasn’t posted, but now that I see from other posts that it was only $6.99, I’m saying, “Yay, what a deal!” The packaging was great and protective. I never buy breakfast pastries. I was spoiled having a Helms Bakery dad as a kid. This was like deja vu. Quality!

  15. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    So glad you tried it and liked it! What flavor? My fav. is the almond 🙂 Perfect for a brunch. (freezes well too- just saying!) Cheers, Kristin

  16. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Awesome! I will check out my Trader Joe’s in Kansas City and see if we a Kringle in the House! Thanks, Kristin

  17. Raine D
    Raine D says:

    I was so excited to find these in my Seattle-area Trader Joe’s. I previously lived in Milwaukee, WI, so O&H kringles were a readily-available treat that we’d have in the house on occasion. It was awesome to be able to have these again, though I’d love to see more varieties — I’ve only seen almond so far.

  18. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    So glad your Trader Joe’s has Kringles. As for flavors – I think the almond is the BEST, but I have enjoyed the Pumpkin too. I have also seen a Pecan version in our store. Cheers, Kristin

  19. Paula
    Paula says:

    I scored two Kringles this week.. froze one for Thanksgiving and gave one to my mom. After reading here, I realize I was foolish to ONLY get 2. Only get to TJs once or twice a month.. Does anyone know how long Kringle season lasts at trader Joe’s?? ( We only have one store here in RI.)

  20. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Congratulations on discovering the Kringle! They are AWESOME! I am guessing that Kringle are at Trader Joe’s until New Years, but this is only a guess. Maybe call your store and ask them to hold a Kringle or two for your next visit? Almond is by far our favorite flavor !! Enjoy! Kristin

  21. Jane
    Jane says:

    This week Trader Joe’s in Westport, CT had RASPBERRY kringle. I asked for a frozen one, and it’s home sleeping in my freezer (they apparently get them frozen, and thaw them out).

  22. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Glad to hear there are new flavors – I have not tried Raspberry yet – I will watch for it at Trader Joe’s in Kansas City! Thanks!!

  23. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Raspberry sounds great! I am going to check out my Trader Joe’s for Raspberry today!! Thanks!

  24. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    So glad you enjoyed the Kringle! I did have to go out & get a Raspberry Kringle = OMG! I stashed a couple in the freezer for the 4th of July. I sure hope they make it 🙂 Cheers, Kristin

  25. debi
    debi says:

    First, you have to know how much I LOVE Trader Joe’s and its products. It’s very seldom that I run across a poor product. Unfortunately today I did.

    After passing it by for various years, thinking: ‘oh, how indulgent!., today I finally indulged and bought an O&H Raspberry Danish Kringle. I’m super disappointed. This could be a really great product. I’m surprised TJ’s is selling it as is.

    I came right home from grocery shopping and opened it to eat it. I looked at it, and thought, ‘how interesting…it’s curiously flat and looks like it’s past its date. Maybe heating it will revive it.’ So, I cut a slice and stuck it in the toaster oven for a minute or two. It didn’t look any better. I tasted it. No change in my opinion. It still feels out of date. The texture if off. The flavor is sweet, too much so. The appearance…just not appetizing, not pretty.

    Then I thought, ‘Surely, the freshly baked version must be TONS better!’ I wish I was in Racine to compare the TJ’s version with the bakery one. I did later read on the package that the kringle is best heated at 350 degrees for 3.5 min. (Uhm, btw, I just can’t see how that would help much, as I had actually heated it in the toaster oven for 2 minutes…but I’ll try it on the next piece, before I throw the rest away.)

    I just think you’re doing TJ’s quality a disservice selling this kringle as a fresh bakery item. I see on the O&H website that they take orders for shipping. I’m hoping it comes frozen. I can see this being super awesome as a properly packaged frozen item. I love Pillsbury frozen ready-to-bake puff pastry turnovers, and even toaster danishes.

    I see a LOT of glowing comments on this site and am now wondering ‘Am I the ONLY one who HATES this sweet, mealy textured, poorly executed danish?’ How can I be so far off in left field?

    Again, I’d love to see TJ sell it in the frozen section to be baked at home, fresh! Hmm, now THAT might be a treat!

  26. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    I am sorry that you did not like the Raspberry Danish Kringle – don’t forget to take it back to your Trader Joe’s store and get a full refund! (I love that about Trader Joe’s — if you don’t like something, they will give you your $$ back).

    The Kringles at our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City are in the Freezer section – near the ice cream – at least that is where I got mine – so I am not sure if that helps with the freshness factor. Every Kringle that I have eaten is flat – I think that is how they are made. I do like your suggestion about baking a frozen, raw kringle at home – that would be yummy! Cheers, Kristin

  27. DJ Oldenburg
    DJ Oldenburg says:

    I grew up in South Eastern Wisconsin (Racine County), and certainly no stranger to Kringle AND O&H Kringle Company. ALWAYS THE BEST!

    First time I saw these at TJ was last October, and they had their pumpkin. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin, but it was the first time in years that I had seen kringle and then to realize it was from a company I was familiar with. I now live in California — so this was a big treat — to my surprise I loved the pumpkin and have been keeping up with their schedule for kringle.

    I’ve had the pumpkin in the fall, and the almond over the christmas holidays. There was a pecan this spring over easter time. And May and June has been raspberry. In March I was told they would be getting a fruit flavor for summer — July/August — usually apple… but then raspberry showed up in May. So not sure if apple is still coming or not.

    I even went as far as to buy a case from TJ of the raspberry. They are great freezer items!!!! And always a great deal. THe price varies depending on the flavor. We had pumpkin for $4.99 and the almond was $7.99 — if you order any of these online direct from the kringle company — they are $19.99 plus shipping!!! And arrive in the same packaging as the ones from TJs. Zero difference in the quality.

  28. Candie T
    Candie T says:

    I was born and raised in Racine, WI where these are made. I moved away almost 30 years ago… whenever we go back to visit we stock up … freze them and enjoy throughout the year. They’re about $6-8 each so we never order them ($20 each online). The bakery on Durand Ave always has a great selection. So happy that others are enjoying a taste of my childhood!

  29. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    I would ask at your Trader Joe’s store – they come & go at my store in Kansa City – Can’t wait for the Almond to come back in stock- YUMMO!

  30. Sami Motaghedi
    Sami Motaghedi says:

    Kringles are back at trader joes. It’s pumpkin caramel flavor in Palm Desert, CA. Based on these reviews I’m thinking of buying one tonight to try.

  31. Adriana Alvarez
    Adriana Alvarez says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m from Racine and live her in Texas now and I will be making frequent stops at TJ’s!!!!

  32. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    YES! I spotted the Almond Kringle at my Trader Joe’s in Kansas City and can’t wait to dive in 🙂

  33. Pete Luedke
    Pete Luedke says:

    As a cheese-head from Wisconsin, I’ve enjoyed kringle for over 40 years. Now living in Western PA, I was so pleased to find it at Trader Joe’s before Thanksgiving. I hope Trader Joe’s carries if at Christmas. Not only is it delicious, it makes a great Christmas gift to give to friends and neighbors. They will love you for it.

  34. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Yes they are wonderful gifts – we agree! Our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City has Kringles available at different times during the year so keep on the look out- and ask at your store. Thanks! Kristin

  35. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I asked at my TJs here in Atlanta today and was told no Kringle for Christmas in Trader Joe’s stores this year – anyone else??

  36. Beth B
    Beth B says:

    Our Trader Joe’s in Nashville has done a wonderful job in keeping the kringles – pumpkin for Halloween and Thanksgiving and then bringing out the almond for Christmas. They’re on the baked goods stand-alone counter and also end-cap freezer. I always take one to our family in Arkansas when visiting and they love them! What’s not to love? So delicious!

  37. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    This would be a great gift! We have one in the freezer for New Years Day Brunch … if we can wait that long 🙂

  38. DL
    DL says:

    I was born and raised in Racine, so know of kringles. These are the great O & H ones (my fav.) not ones made for grocery stores. Called to today a Trader Joe’s about them and was told that they don’t have any now not in season. What? There is no season for kringle. In fact, I grew up having them on Christmas morning while opening my stocking. Guess not this year. Oh well… Guess will get mine in the future from the direct source. Too bad. Item that should be carried all year long.

  39. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Great memories of these delicious rings! Keep asking at your local store – our Trader Joe’s in Kansas City has Kringles 3 or so times each year. Cheers! Kristin

  40. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    Right? We stash an extra in the freezer for when they are out of stock at Trader Joe’s! Cheers Kristin

  41. Cynthia D
    Cynthia D says:

    I have been eating Kringle since I was about 10 it was something we bought in Racine, Wisconsin. Glad to find it at Trader Joe’s. My. Son just brought one home. Back on Saturday but going for Pecan this time. CINDY D

  42. Delawareman
    Delawareman says:

    Had almond Kringle at Xmas. Was delicious. Recently got a raspberry, it was the last one on the table. Although it was tasty. It seemed very soggy. Will try again.

    KAREN J HENRY says:

    Had the Almond, daughter- n-law brought the first one when ask what I wanted for Christmas this lasted year, I told her a Almond Kringle..we are not close to Trader Joe’s..So. I received a. ALMOND Kringle ..I cut it in individual servings and wrapped them , put in individual s.all Ziploc
    baggie froze them..I had servings along time.. Nd NO , I did not share it, lol
    my husband doesn’t like them anyway !!! They are awesome, do freeze and keep well…

  44. Susan
    Susan says:

    Bought the raspberry Kringle at Trader Joe’s in Charlotte, NC at the suggestion of a friend. I would never have picked it up otherwise, as you can’t see it through the package.
    OMG. It is beyond fabulous. Call me obsessed.

  45. Delaina & Kris
    Delaina & Kris says:

    YES! The almond is the best – I love your idea about freezing in small pieces – spread the love!

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