Green Fin Chardonnay 2013

Have you tried Green Fin Chardonnay 2013?

The Green Fin Chardonnay offers all that one is looking for in Chardonnay.

The beautiful buttery color, the soft but fresh aromas delight the scenes before the tongue has a chance to taste. Oh but once that first sip is taken you will be hooked. The Green Fin Chardonnay’s rich buttery flavor slides into a Granny Smith apple crispness with ease.

Even better the Green Fin wine come from organic grapes and has a low alcohol level. If drinking organic is important to you, this Chardonnay is a wonderful choice. If you need to be mindful of the alcohol level in your wine choices, this Chardonnay lower than many wines at 12%

So with Green Fin Chardonnay you get to enjoy your wine and drink it too!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Green Fin Chardonnay? What did you think? Leave a comment below or on the Facebook Page- Cheers!

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