Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010

Wine Moment featuring Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010

Hello Trader Joes’ Fans;

It is time for another Wine Moment with Delaina.

Trader Joes’ is offering Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010 for only 3.99 (at my local). This is a rock’in good Zinfindel priced just right for those of us that want to enjoy our wine and not break the bank. The wine is Italian and as is typical, in my opinion, of Zinfindels  is rich full of complexity. The wonderful complexity of this wine I credit to the soft vanilla and sharp raspberry tones; the juxtaposition of the two flavors are perfect.

As for paring, I had this wine with a tuna and squash and it paired wonderfully. This wine also passes my “it goes down just fine on its own” test, and I dare say with flying colors.

The Grifone would also make a great gift wine because it is soft enough for the novice drinker and complex enough for the sophisticate.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy Grifone in all is complex-simplicity.


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  1. Elisa
    Elisa says:

    Hi. I had a taste of Grifone Red Wine, Primitivo and Chianti. The taste is not too bad but I’m a bit disappointed as I do not find any actual contact in Italy nor any mention on Italian websites concerning Grifone wines and concerning Roccadoro in Pontedera (PI). This makes me strongly doubt on the origin of the wine.

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    This wine was absolutely fantastic in the context of the right food. I had it with some spaghetti with aromatic sausages. It was great. Fruity, spicy aromatic flavors. More than worth the money. I also like TJs Terrenal wines (similarly priced) from Spain. The Cabernet is killer with a steak just the right amount of acid to go with all that salt and fat. Each food has a wine and when you match them carefully $4 wine more than fits the bill.

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