How to Make Raw Almond Milk With the Vitamix

Are you interested in learning How to make Raw Almond Milk at home quickly and easily? Then keep reading to learn just how simple this whole process can take. Almond milk is a healthy and tasty substitute for dairy milk that you can make quickly and easily at home with the Vitamix. The Vitamix makes creamy and delicious almond milk in less than 5 minutes.  We normally enjoy our almond milk on our morning oatmeal or cold cereal.  But it can be used in baking or even making French toast. Try it anyplace that you enjoy dairy milk.

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We also like the flexibility of making our Almond milk at home. This way we can make the amount that we need, we can avoid any unwanted preservatives, and, as we are shopping at Trader Joe’s, enjoy a high quality end product.

But I am sure that I don’t have to sell you on all the benefits of enjoying raw almond milk.

Let’s get started making Raw Almond Milk quickly and easily at home.

What You Need:

  • ¼ to ½  Cup Trader Joe’s Raw Almonds
  • 2 Cups  Water

Optional Ingredients: Vanilla, honey or Agave syrup

How To:

1. Pour  2 cups of water into the Vitamix blender. Add the amount of raw almonds that you wish to use. We like to use ½ cup of raw almonds to 2 cups of water. This makes thick, rich almond milk.  Experiment here and see  what you like the best.

2. Start the Vitamix on low and quickly increase to high speed. Let the almonds and water process until you can’t hear any “chunks” of almonds anymore and the container just starts to get warm. This is where we stop, so that we don’t wind up cooking the almonds.

3. Pour into a glass jar and it is ready to use. We like the almond milk cold, so we try to make sure that we make the almond milk the day before we need it.


We like to add a drop or two of vanilla to the almond milk. You can also add a bit of Trader Joe’s honey or Agave syrup if you like.

Here is a short video of me making raw almond milk in the Vitamix (check out my crazy hair… can anyone say “haircut time Kris”?? :

So now that you know How to Make Raw Almond Milk at home quickly and easily.  We hope you get a chance to enjoy some soon.

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