How To Use A French Press

Are you curious about the French press? We got a lot of emails this week on what exactly is a French Press Coffee Maker and how/ why would you use such a thing.

We have used a French Press Coffee maker on and off for a number of years now.  We seem to go through times when we drink more tea than coffee and vice- versa.  Right now (November) is one of those time when we are  going through a “heavy drinking” cycle.

There are many reason why you might like to try a French Press Coffee maker.

  • Washable/ Reusable Filter
  • Small and convenient size
  • Coffee does not get “old” tasting

There are many more reasons why you might like a French Press, but these are the biggest ones for us.

Oh yeah…. for best results, use coffee that has a course grind to it…. We use the notch one before the last one, all the way on the left side when we grind coffee at Trader Joe’s . It says something like “course” or “Percolator” I think …. Anyway almost all the way to the end….

How to Use a French Press:

1. Scoop the desired amount of coarsely ground coffee into the French Press.  You may have to adjust the amount to your tastes but a good rule is to try 1 scoop (or Tablespoon) for every cup of coffee.  Too weak? Add more coffee… Too Strong? Add less.

2. Pour in freshly boiled water. We use an electric kettle that sits on the counter. You can use that or also good is a whistling tea kettle that goes on the stove. Now place on the cover – but don’t hit the plunger just yet.

3. Wait 4 minutes (for the coffee to brew).  Now, slowly press the plunger down to the bottom of the pot. Again, do this slowly….  This is the “Press” part…

4. Pour and enjoy….

We just love the “fresh” tasting coffee that is created by the French Press and also LOVE the fact that you are not running around early on a Saturday morning because you forgot to buy any coffee filters last week…. ugh!

Click below to see French Press Coffee makers at Amazon:

Snazzy colors too…

Here is the kind of Tea Kettle that we use and Like… heats water up FAST!

What do you think? Do you like to use a French Press? Share your comments below or on Facebook! ~Thanks!

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