Easy Halloween Recipes

Easy Halloween Recipes Here!

Are you searching for a few Easy Halloween Recipes that are not too sticky sweet or too gross & scary? Here is a page with the links to three of them that are from our ebook,  Easy Halloween Recipes~ Only $1.00 for all 21 easy Halloween Recipes~ all are quick and easy to make and all were made from the good stuff at Trader Joe’s!
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We had some fun brainstorming and checking out other ideas to create this collection of Halloween recipes.

We are showcasing recipes for soups, dip and fun Halloween Brunch recipes that you can make with your kids and enjoy before going out Trick -OR -Treating.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Patch

Also, think about having a  Halloween Brunch this year!

We love the Halloween Brunch idea… I can remember one when I was about 10 where we got to dress up in our costumes and enjoy a Halloween brunch with some friends.  This was one of my more memorable Halloweens as I could really get to show off and enjoy my costume.

Normally (as I grew up in Minnesota)  the Halloween costume idea was a little underwhelming as we usually had to cover  up with our winter coat. Then you became a sorta  “Halloween Flasher” at every house trying to show the neighbors your cool costume while trying to stay warm walking from house to house.

Ahh the memories!

So this year, why not try and make some fun memories with your family and Go Halloween Brunch!   Here are three recipes from the ebook to tempt you:

Oozy Jam Cats

Golden Slime Dip

Haunted Soup

We hope these Easy Halloween Recipes are just what you need to get your Halloween Brunch or day off to a great start!

What are you planning to make for Halloween? Drop us a note below or on Facebook and share your favorites!

P.S. If you are interested in checking out our Trader Joe’s Halloween Recipes click below~ THANKS!
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Halloween Food- Haunted Pea Soup

Here is one more example of tasty Halloween Recipes from our  EBook: Easy Halloween Recipes.  This recipe uses only 4 of Trader Joe’s ingredients that are easy to find and that you could already have in your house.

The fun and creative part of this dish is the creation of the Parmesan Ghost. These are really Parmesan Cheese croutons that we shaped into ghostly creatures and baked until they were golden. Then let them cool on the tin foil. When cool they will peel off and you can use them to garnish a soup or even a salad.

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We would suggest you make a few more than you need or practice making the ghosts ahead of time, as they tend to break easily…. and are really tasty!


Trader Joe’s Organic Split Pea Soup ( consider 1 can for every 2 guests)
Artisan bread for toasting (Ciabatta bread works well)
Parmesan Cheese, Buy the container of fresh cheese that is crumbly, not in strings if possible)

What To Do:
1. Make parmesan ghosts: Heat oven to 350 degrees and cover a baking pan with foil.
Using the parmesan cheese, create a cheesy ghost- like blob on the foil about ¼ inch thick. Try to make it small enough to fit into your serving bowls, but thick enough so you can peel it up later.
2. Bake parmesan ghost until cheese is lightly brown, about 5-10 minutes. Let cool completely and peel the ghost off the foil. Make 1 ghost per serving of soup.

3.Toast slices of the artisan bread,  and butter if you want.  Heat up the soup.

4.Place hot soup in serving bowls and float a Parmesan Ghost on top. Serve with toasted bread.

If you liked this recipe, and are looking for more Easy Halloween Recipes….

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Halloween Recipes- Golden Slime Dip

Are you searching for Halloween Recipes that are easy to make and yet still tastes great? Well, check out this recipe,  an example from our new Ebook: Easy Halloween Recipes may be  just what you are looking for.

Halloween_Food_DipThis recipe only has two main ingredients: Whipped Cream Cheese and Trader Joe’s Smoky Peach Salsa (or your favorite salsa) and of course, crackers and bread for the scooping.  You will just love all the flavors in this dip: smoky, sweet, creamy and spicy all in the same bite. And the Color! This dip is just beautiful and will look great on your table for easy entertainment all fall….

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1 8oz tub Trader Joe’s Whipped Cream Cheese
1 Jar Trader Joe’s Smoky Peach Salsa OR use your favorite salsa – a green salsa would look great on the table too (really like slime, right?)

Bread or crackers for serving (we used Trader Joe’s Pita Chips!)

How To Make It:

1.On a serving dish with sides, scoop the soft cream cheese in to a circle in the center of the plate, about 1 inch think. Don’t worry about smoothing it flat- it is better if the surface is uneven.
2.Spoon over the Smoky Peach Salsa until the top is coated and some salsa oozes down the sides of the cream cheese.

3.Serve with crackers or bread around the side.

We hope you just LOVE this dip as much as we did!

If you liked this recipe, and are looking for more Easy Halloween Recipes….


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