Green Fin Chardonnay 2013

Have you tried Green Fin Chardonnay 2013?

The Green Fin Chardonnay offers all that one is looking for in Chardonnay.

The beautiful buttery color, the soft but fresh aromas delight the scenes before the tongue has a chance to taste. Oh but once that first sip is taken you will be hooked. The Green Fin Chardonnay’s rich buttery flavor slides into a Granny Smith apple crispness with ease.

Even better the Green Fin wine come from organic grapes and has a low alcohol level. If drinking organic is important to you, this Chardonnay is a wonderful choice. If you need to be mindful of the alcohol level in your wine choices, this Chardonnay lower than many wines at 12%

So with Green Fin Chardonnay you get to enjoy your wine and drink it too!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Green Fin Chardonnay? What did you think? Leave a comment below or on the Facebook Page- Cheers!

Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010

Wine Moment featuring Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010

Hello Trader Joes’ Fans;

It is time for another Wine Moment with Delaina.

Trader Joes’ is offering Grifone Primitivo Zinfindel 2010 for only 3.99 (at my local). This is a rock’in good Zinfindel priced just right for those of us that want to enjoy our wine and not break the bank. The wine is Italian and as is typical, in my opinion, of Zinfindels  is rich full of complexity. The wonderful complexity of this wine I credit to the soft vanilla and sharp raspberry tones; the juxtaposition of the two flavors are perfect.

As for paring, I had this wine with a tuna and squash and it paired wonderfully. This wine also passes my “it goes down just fine on its own” test, and I dare say with flying colors.

The Grifone would also make a great gift wine because it is soft enough for the novice drinker and complex enough for the sophisticate.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy Grifone in all is complex-simplicity.


Seccola Frizzante at Trader Joe

Seccola Frizzante = YUM!

Hello Wine Drinkers;

I have another Wine Moment with Delaina for you. They were sampling the Seccola Frizzante  at our local Trader Joe’s store in Kansas City today. It was very nice so I bought a bottle so I could share it with you.

This Semi-sparking German/Italian wine is very Prosecco’esk. This German made blend of two Italian grapes has a dry Granny Smith flavor that is very refreshing.

This wine pairs nicely with Trader Joe’s Coconut Shrimp as well as Trader Joe’s Indian dishes.  (Can you tell what we had for dinner tonight?)

I know many of you are looking for the Vola Trebbiano Pinot Grigio. This is not it and it has been too long since I have had the Vola Trebbiano to really compare them. Yet, from my memory I would say that the Seccola would make a good and bubbly void filler.

Also for those of you watching the alcohol levels on your wines, the Seccola is only 10% so you can enjoy your wine again without it being too sweet or having a “funny” flavor

I hope you enjoy this wine as much as I do.



P.S. We brought home the Frequent Flyer and Viola! The Seccola Frizzante is mentioned on page 5! Who knew we were soooo trendy…

P.P.S. Do you like my super cool new stemless wine glasses? I just LOVE them! They are fancy and yet not too delicate ~ they recommend a hand wash but they feel solid and not too thin that I would be worried about using them EVERY NIGHT 🙂


Blackburn & James, Paso Robles, Red Blend – 2009

Ok this Paso Robles rocks, and I wish I had saved it for Turkey Day. Nonetheless, I am enjoying it right now. It is lighter and dare I say fruiter than I remember when they were passing out samples at our Trader Joe’s. Yet I like it, even though it is not the usually heavy wine I typically like this time of year.

The bottle doesn’t brag about what grapes that make up the blend. But I recall the Sampler saying Zinfandel was one of the grapes, probably how it made it in the cart.  The wine offers strong blackberry flavor through and though, there is a spice but it is more of a finisher than a distracter. There is a nice wood, maybe oak, scent that brightens the whole experience. The finish is dryer but the whole experience rest easy on the tongue.

The bottle boasts that it would pair nicely with a wide range of dishes from Asian spiced to pasta to chocolate mousse. I paired it with Pizza and it was great. More importantly, I feel this wine would also pair nicely with a turkey and some mashed potatoes.