Check out our Living Trader Joe’s approved tools to help you get in (and out) of the kitchen fast.

1. Knives- Do you struggle when you are preparing your meals? When you use the right tool for the job you save in many ways:

  • Save Time (cuts are fast and efficient)
  • Save Money (eating at home more often)
  • Save Work ( Less effort for you!).

Did you read our post on our favorite knives? If not, you can link back to that post HERE.

These knives and tools are essential and the ones that  we use on a daily basis in our teeny-tiny kitchen. We could not cook at home as easily without them.


This is our “daily” knife as we use it EVERY DAY Thanks to Rachel Ray!

The wide blade makes cutting vegetables fast and easy.  The ripples on the sides ensure that food does not stick to the blade- great for cutting up meats and cheeses and finally you can use the flat side of the blade to quickly smash up fresh garlic and ginger – soo much better and cheaper than the jars!

You will just love how this knife makes all your cutting jobs quick and safe!


Zyliss Serrated Paring Knife

This is another “daily” knife as you guessed it, we use it EVERY DAY!

This knife is fantastic for all those little projects that you do in the kitchen. From cutting the tops of strawberries, to cutting and coring apples- this will be the knife you reach for.

BUT what we like best about this knife is the serrated edges! This means that the edge stays SHARP. We just love this knife when we want to slice up tomatoes- or even dice them up for sauces and salsas. This knife will not slip on the skin of a tomato (or an onion) like some knifes can when they get dull.

This knife is just wonderful!

Other great tools to have in your kitchen

We will continue to recommend  great tools that we love and use on a daily basis.

Microplane Grater

You may not believe how many jobs this fantastic little (SHARP)  hand grater will do for you in the kitchen. We use it for cheeses, chocolate and vegetables.

BUT the job that it does the best is…. Garlic and Ginger!

Do you enjoy cooking with fresh garlic and ginger but all the work of chopping up those aromatic items makes you scream and  forces you to purchase expensive pre-chopped garlic and ginger in those small jars? Well, this little grater will make quick no-tears work of mashing up fresh garlic and ginger for your next meal.

We first saw this greater in action on the Rachel Ray show. She uses it all the time to make a quick job out of mashing up garlic. What you do: You just grip each little clove at the end and grate them down until you only have about 1/4 of the clove left in your hand. Then you can scrape away all the fresh garlic paste from underneath the greater. OR you can just tap the grater against the side of your pan (like Rachel Ray) and it will just fall in, ready to cook.

Clean-up is a snap too- just a quick soapy rag and a rinse and it is ready for the next job.

Best Cutting Board Ever!

We love this cutting board and have been using it for about 6 months now…. Here is why we love it:

  • No slip feet
  • Large size- lots of room to chop!
  • No funny warping like the bamboo boards
  • Did I mention removable non- slip feet? just in case …..

Check it out and let us know what you think


Our Newest Family Member

We love this food processor it saves us time and make summer salads like Fennel & Apple a delight to make as well as eat.

We hope you enjoyed our  Living Trader Joe’s

-approved kitchen tools.

We hope they save you money and help you cook with less effort.

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