Trader Joe’s Sparkling Clementine Soda

Trader Joe's Clementine Sparkler

Trader Joe's Clementine Sparkler

This is a delicious and refreshing soda to try on a hot day this summer. We are hitting 100 degree now on a regular basis here in Tucson (the norm for the first part of June) and so we are looking to try new, cool items when we brave the heat and go shopping at Trader Joe’s.

This product recently caught our eye on our recent visit and in the pages of the May, 2010 Fearless Flyer.

In the Fearless Flyer, the headline for this product –on the front page no less- read: Oh My Darlin’ This Clementine Sparkles! And for some strange, unknown reason, that title just caught our eye.

Now to be frank, we both love orange sodas, but find it a bit too sweet and bubbly for drinking on a regular basis.  This product solves our orange soda hang-ups by not being soo sweet, actually containing real fruit juice (an amazing 84% juice) and by being lightly carbonated. WOW you can’t get much better than that!

We were laughing and saying how much this drink reminds us of a Buck’s Fizz (Champaign and orange juice) but naturally without the “kick”.

BUT, along those lines, it would be a wonderful new item for a brunch- light and tasty and it looks beautiful in a glass.

Glass of Trader Joe's Clementine Sparkler

Glass of Trader Joe's Clementine Sparkler

Have you tried the Sparkling Clementine soda yet?  Please leave us a comment to tell us what you thought…

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