Trader Joe’s Trimmed Leeks

Trader Joe's Trimmed Leeks

Trader Joe's Trimmed Leeks

You know how there is just SO many items at Trader Joe’s? And even thought you shop at the store all the time (and maybe at the exact same locations) you STILL see new stuff?

Here is our latest find: Trader Joe’s Trimmed Leeks

We love the taste of leeks- if you don’t know about leeks, they are a bit like onions, but they also have a hint of garlic to them. They are not overpowering in any way, so they make a good addition to soups or other vegetable dishes.

Our favorite way to eat them is in a Potato Leek Soup!

Now leeks are tricky vegetables. They are grown in sandy soil, which then gets into their many layers and can get trapped if you are not careful.  So please follow the directions below to make sure you get all the dirt and sand out of the leeks before cooking.

How to clean Leeks:

1. Cut off the root ends and slice the leeks the long way.

Leeks cut and ready to wash

Leeks cut and ready to wash

2. Cut the leeks into 1 inch pieces, or whatever size you need for your recipe.

3. Rinse leeks in a bowl of cool water, rubbing the pieces together between your hands to separate the layers.

Washing leeks in cool water to remove grit

Washing leeks in cool water to remove grit

4. Scoop out the leeks into a strainer, colander or onto a clean kitchen towel to drain. Be careful not to disturb any of the dirt/sand at the bottom of the bowl. When the bowl is empty, wash away the dirt/sand.

Cleaned leeks ready for cooking

Cleaned leeks ready for cooking

5. Rinse the leek pieces a second time, in the clean bowl, and scoop out into the strainer.

6. Now the leeks are clean and ready to use.

This does seem like a long list just to get ready to cook with leeks. But it does not take all that long.

We are going to use our leeks in a Potato Leek Soup- What are your favorite ways to cook with leeks?

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