Trader Joe’s Chicago Style Popcorn Mix- A Review

Have you tried Trader Joe’s

Chicago Style Popcorn Mix yet?

Yes, it is as good as you think!

Trader Joe's Chicago Style Popcorn Mix

Trader Joe’s Chicago Style Popcorn mix is a snack mashup that is so good in our opinion, that you will be in danger of eating the whole bag in one sitting!

Think golden crisp and sweet caramel popcorn corn meets up in the bag with rich cheddar cheese popcorn pieces. Absolutely delicious! 

photo 2 (5)

I first had this crazy good combination in the airport in Chicago- so now I feel really hip and in the know- unfortunately I have not been back to the Chicago airport in some time and did not know how much I had missed this wonderful popcorn concoction until I realized I was dangerously close to the bottom of the bag!

So if you enjoy both caramel corn AND cheese popcorn and the Salty- Sweet dance of flavors in general, grab yourself a bag of Trader Joe’s Chicago Style Popcorn Mix the next time you are shopping– If you dare!

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